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C'est l'hiver!


This monthly feature includes some videos that celebrate winter! I have also included a video and a link to help you make small books in French!







        C'est l'hiver - Chanson                                                     C'est l'hiver - Chanson        

C'est l'hiver ? Mini TFO


Un livre moufle - Bricolage

? qui est cette moufle? - Les fiches et Les photos

If you only have Primary Core French once a week, making this book might look overwhelming, but if you try to do one part per week, it can be doable! I recommend having a few volunteers.

Another suggestion would be to arrange French buddies at your school. First teach the story and craft to a class of grade 7 or 8 students and then invite them to your Primary Core French class where they can work together to create this adorable book! Once it is done, they can read together! You might need to meet more than once for this to be complete.

If you would like to take one step further with this book, record your class reading the story and create a QR code of this reading. Print up, cut out and paste the QR code on the back of the book so that parents can listen to the story at home.

This would be a wonderful holiday gift for students to take home to their parents that promotes French Literacy! - Online Voice Recorder



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