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Le hockey - Interactive Google Slide with Bitmoji



     For this Monthly Feature, I have prepared an interactive Google Slide. When you click here or on the image above, you will be prompted to make a copy of this document. Once you do that, it is your file! You can edit it and customize it to make it your own and to make it suitable for your own students.*

     When you open the Google Slide, look at the speaker notes. I have included many links and instructions for various tasks. This one interactive Google Slide could be a full unit of learning for you to use! To make this work most effectively for your students (and for you to check out), put it in Present mode. Scroll around the screen and you will see that when you hover over different items, there will be an active link to click that will take you to something new!! Enjoy the search;)

     I have offered a variety of materials and suggestions in this document to help reach a variety of levels and ages. You can customize your own copy of the document to suit your needs. You could even use it across various grades by differentiating the tasks and the links that you choose to use.

     I know that this is a difficult time for many teachers and it is my hope that this resource will help you ?Roch? your lessons whether they are virtual or in person!


Check out the Archive for additional resources and video suggestions.

*Please do not copy and post this file on other websites (e.g.. TPT) or digital groups (e.g., Facebook). Please feel free instead to share a link to to direct others to access this resource here. In this time, it is important to share among teachers, so please do share this site so others may benefit. Please do use these materials for your own students and post so that they can access it.








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