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Les pr?positions chez moi! - Prepositions at home


This monthly feature reviews prepositions. Prepositions are high frequency words that help describe the world around us. Here are some videos to help you review prepositions:







Les pr?positions - Chanson                                             O? es-tu?             


O? est le chat? - Chanson


Vocabulary Practice:

Click here for Quizlet flashcards.  Quizlet is a great digital flashcard site where students can practice the vocabulary by matching it with pictures, listening to pronunciation and playing games like ?Match? and ?Gravity? to help memorize key words. You do not need an account to play.  It is a great resource for teachers to create their own flashcard sets as well.

Follow Up Activities that can be done at home:

"O? est....?"
Have students choose a fun character at home (e.g., a small stuffed animal or action figure) and ask parents or siblings to hide it every evening this week. In the morning, the student should say, "O? est....?" (followed by the name of their character) and search for it. Students can take photos of the character or draw pictures and describe where their character was hiding. They can make a Slideshow (e.g., Google Slides) and add one photo to each slide with a description of the picture. (E.g. Pluto est dans le bol. Pluto est sur la table.) I recommend that kids and parents use to look up unknown words.

Below is a Google Slides Template.  You can make a copy of this template to use with your own students. Each daily slide includes a sentence starter to support your students' writing.

Fun extension: Students and their families could use the clue words Chaud (hot), Froid (cold) to help the student see if they are getting closer to their fun character as they search.

L?affiche des pr?positions:
Have students recreate the popular preposition poster at home. They can do this with drawings, digitally with clipart type images or with photographs. They might enjoy using their favourite stuffed animal and placing it in different positions to recreate the poster. For kids who love games like MineCraft, they could even take photos of their character in MineCraft using something like a Grassblock to help show location.

As an extension, you could have your student present their poster in a video.

Below is a Google Slides Template that you can copy for use with your own students.


Below is a Google Doc that you can copy to can as a Template for your students.

Please note that for the Google Slides and the Google Doc that I have shared, you must first make a copy of the document before sharing with your students. Once you make a copy, you will be able to edit the document. You can then share it with your students or attach it as an assignment in your Google Classroom.





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