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"Là où je dors" Website Introduction and Grade 5 Resource




     I would like to introduce you to an awesome site that is called Là où je dors by TFO. This site helps bring "La Francophonie" into our classrooms. This site is a great resource to help address the Intercultural Understanding expectations in the Ontario FSL Curriculum.




Organization Of This Resource By Grade:
I have created a document that groups people found on this site according to their location and how it connects with the Ontario Curriculum;
Grade 5 - Quebec
Grade 6 - Canada (Outside of Ontario and Quebec)
Grade 7 - The Americas (Outside of Canada)
Grade 8 - Europe

(click to enlarge)


The above document provides a continuum that can be used to plan for the use of this site from grades 5-8 for Core French. I will be providing resources for this continuum on this site, starting with Grade 5. To help make these resources work (no spoilers!) in a continuum, please use the resources for the intended grades. (E.g. Do not use the Grade 5 resource in Grade 4:) You could, however; use it for a higher grade that did not do this in grade 5.


Note that this is how I hope to use this resource, but I am not associated with this TFO site at all.

Grade 5 Resource: Le Québec


This video shows you where to click on the slide show. (Arrow turns to hand where there are links)


Click HERE to make a COPY OF THE GOOGLE SLIDES Document.

Contents of the Google Slides Document:
On All Slides - Teacher instructions and links in the notes (Look below slide)
Slide 2 - General Information about the province of Quebec
Slide 3 - Links for students to discover Quebec City
Slide 4 - A question to prompt discussion
Slide 5 - A link to the site Là où je dors and a video link on how to use the site
Slide 6 - A strategy page (Pour comprendre une vidéo) with forced copy
Slide 7 - An explanation and a link to a forced copy of a handout
Slide 8 - An introduction to 4 francophone youth who live in Quebec
Slides 9-12 - Specific links to features of the young people
Slide 13 - Strategy reflection with a forced copy of a Google Form

Suggestions for use in class:
You could use this as a full class lesson or use it as a centre once the class understands the resource and how to fill in the Carte Biographique. This could work well in a split class when you want to work with the other grade on something.

*Please do not request access to any View Only documents. I have provided you with Forced Copies so you can even change the links in the slideshow. Alternatively, you can just MAKE A COPY of a document when you click on it.

*If you share this slideshow with your students, please tell them NOT TO REQUEST ACCESS to documents. They can MAKE A COPY of the document.

Grade 6 resource will be posted next on this site. Stay tuned! :)

Check out the Archive for additional resources and video suggestions.

*Please do not copy and post these materials on other websites (e.g.. TPT) or digital groups (e.g., Facebook). Please feel free instead to share a link to to direct others to access this resource here. In this time, it is important to share among teachers, so please do share this site so others may benefit. Please do use these materials for your own students and post so that they can access it.





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