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Le jardinage et le bricolage


Bonjour! With spring here, you may be getting excited about the prospects of blooming flowers and warmer days! In the meantime, it is the perfect time to start your garden inside the house. I am sharing some videos about how you can do this in an eco-friendly way at home using scraps from your vegetables! I personally have lettuce growing on my window sill!







Cuisiner et économiser - Faites                          Des aliments frais avec les        

   repousser vos légumes préférés                               déchets de la cuisine              

Faire pousser un avocatier à partir d'un noyau d'avocat


 In May, many people take a day to celebrate Mother’s Day (Fêtes des Mères). Did you know this is also celebrated in France, but usually in June? Below are some wonderful crafts that can be made at home or in the classroom with minimal materials. These crafts can be used for many different purposes…like a kind card to show appreciation, a way to let someone know you’re thinking of them, or a gift for Mother’s day. Be sure to see the templates to create the crafts:) Amusez-vous bien! 

3 idées cadeaux fête des mères




Did you enjoy this material? Here is a link to the templates and videos so you can check out more resources by Manza Bull.





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