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Les Pr?positions



   This monthly feature focuses on prepositions. Introducing this vocabulary to your students early on can assist students in better understanding instructions in class (e.g., Asseyez-vous sur le tapis. Mettez les crayons dans la bo?te.) Students will be able to use this vocabulary to express their ideas as well. Once students learn prepositions, you can follow up with a few fun activities. Here are some videos to help you teach prepositions:







Les pr?positions - Chanson                                                          O? es-tu?             

O? est le chat? - Chanson



Follow Up Activities:

  • Here is an activity sheet where students design a camping scene. They should cut out the images and place them on the page to make their own picture. Students can then describe the picture using the prepositions. You may wish to explicitly teach the vocabulary for the images. You can use this paper to conference with students, asking them about the locations of items.

  • Purchase felt boards with felt cutouts that can be moved around a scene on a board from your local dollar store or craft store (e.g., Michael's). These would be a great tool when conferencing with students and is a fun way for students to learn through play.

  • Use a fun character (e.g., a small stuffed animal or action figure) and hide it before each class. As part of your classroom routine, ask your students where it is. "O? est....?". You can then create a list of all the locations that the character has been found. (E.g. Stitch est sur le livre. Stitch est dans la bo?te. Stitch est sous la chaise.) You can have lots of fun hiding your character and could even take a photograph each time to put next to the description on chart paper. During the holiday months, some classes may talk about their Elf on the Shelf using prepositions.




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