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C'est l'Halloween! - Livre



   Book Template 1:  With Sentence Starters            Book Template 2:  Without Sentence Starters






This year for Halloween, I am posting a book template. To create this book, students will need to describe the weather (e.g., Il fait frais. Il fait du vent.), to describe people's emotions (e.g., triste) and to recognize some Halloween themed vocabulary. Use the vocabulary flashcards posted below prior to creating the book and use "Citrouille Lantern - Les emotions" to assist you with co-creating an anchor chart of possible emotions that can be portrayed in the book. Playing Charades can be a fun way to practice this new vocabulary!

Creating the book:

Choose Individual or Full Class Format:

  • Print out Book Template 1 and have students each create their own individual books. Alternatively, you can create one big class book. For this format, print a few of each page and either assign each student a page or have students choose one page to complete. It would be ideal to also have all students complete the personalized page "Pendant l'Halloween, je suis...".

  • Using classroom resources (flashcards, anchor charts), students will complete the writing on the page (name and emotion). Students should be directed to choose the correct masculine or feminine form of the descriptive words, which may take some explicit teaching.

  • Students must complete the illustration so that it represents the writing on the page. For example, if it is "Le fant?me est triste.", then the student would illustrate a sad ghost face. 

  • Once students have completed their pages, assemble the book(s).

  • Read the book(s) in class. If you have constructed one class book, read this to the class and be sure to show the pictures:) If students have constructed individual books, they can read their books to each other. If your junior students create their own books, you may wish to set up an opportunity for the junior students to read their French books to primary Core French students.

    *Note: For primary classes, I recommend making one class book instead of having students create an individual book as this would be a very time consuming task for primary students.

    *Note: Book Template 2 has also been provided.  It is the same book, but it doesn't have any sentence starters.  You may choose to use this with higher grades or to differentiate the activity in your classroom.


And it is not Halloween without everyone's favourite song, C'est l'Halloween!



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