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L'Action de gr?ce


Although 2020 has been a difficult year, there are still so many things to be thankful for! Here are some resources to help you focus on l'Action de gr?ce in your classroom (virtual or in person:)







Caillou - L'action de gr?ce

This episode could be a great launch to talk about what we are thankful for in class. (Je dis merci pour../Je suis reconnaissant(e) de...) It could also be used to make connections/comparisons. How does the way Caillou celebrates Thanksgiving differ from how you and your students will spend the long weekend? (This may include conversations about how Covid has changed how some celebrate this year. You could brainstorm how to still spend time with family when you can't see each other in person or how to show appreciation to special people.)


Je dis merci pour... - Activities

Click on this link to learn how to make a "Je dis merci pour..." pie with your students.


Click on this link to get the Free template for your students to make this "Je dis merci pour..." turkey craft.


Use this link to make a copy of the template for your students to create their own "Je dis merci..." Google Slide. It is already prepared with animations so your student's leaves will fall once in presentation mode (click once to start the animation).  When in the slide, double click on each leaf to type in the textbox. See my video example below.



L'Action de gr?ce - Quizlet

Use this Quizlet game to review Thanksgiving vocabulary with your students.



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