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Mon école est le monde!




Je veux apprendre ŕ...

This song and video lends itself well to goal setting at the start of the school year and getting to know what your students are interested in learning. Watch this video with your students and then generate ideas with them using the sentence starter : Je veux apprendre ŕ.... Co-create an anchor chart with your students' ideas about what they want to learn.

Follow up activity:

  • Provide each student with a blank piece of paper.

  • Have each student write a sentence about what they want to learn at school, using the co-created anchor chart and the sentence starter, "Je veux apprendre ŕ...".

  • Take a photo of each student holding their paper about what they want to learn at school. (First review your school's policies on taking photos of students and using them in the classroom.)*

  • Create a bulletin board inside your classroom or inside the students’ homeroom with the heading "Mon école est le monde!" and post the photos with your students' goals for learning.**

  • Use this bulletin board to help you learn about your students' interests and allow your students to visit it so that they can read their peers' ideas as a means to get to know each other better and to make connections.

    *If you are unable to use photographs, simply have students write their name on their papers to be posted on the wall.

    **If you are unable to use a bulletin board in a classroom, create a class book that you can bind and either read to your students or allow them to read on their own.



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